Individual Competencies

Nobox proposes training sessions and experiences to develop individual competences.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Health Professionals and students, health organizations leaders, etc.



Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, public speaking and communication in the context of a team or an organization


Leadership models, communication, change implementation and management, emotional intelligence and goal management

Team Management

Individual communication profiles, team dysfunctions, team communication, interprofessionalism and online coordination tools

Project Management

From the idea to implementation and change in health and how to manage it

Decisions and Negotiation

Negotiation techniques and models, stakeholders mapping and advocacy, thinking bias and their role in decision-making

Personal Management

Personal leadership techniques, emotional intelligence, time and stress management and priorities setting

Creativity in Health

Innovation and creative thinking in health, with management, implementation and communication of change


Team Performance

Nobox proposes team-oriented activities, which will target individuals needs, in an effort to strengthen personal development and interpersonal competences, that will lead to more resilient teams with more efficient performances.

Variable duration (eg. 2 full days out of the normal working environment +/- 2 half days in the normal working routine)

TARGET AUDIENCE: Health, administrative and clinical teams, NGOs such student or patient organizations


Team diagnosis

evaluation of the current team, from dysfunctions, to fears and expectations

Goals and Plan Setting

Discussion and definition of the intervention goals together with the leader and team members


Plan implementation, through training sessions or group dynamics and others, according to the defined goals


Evaluation and follow-up of the intervention impact, by providing support to the participants and by analysing the achieved goals


Organizational Alignment

To promote institutional alignment, by synchronizing the leadership goals and objectives with the actions and behaviours of the collaborators. (Flexible duration)

TARGET GROUP: Health Organizations boards and executive teams (eg. hospitals, health community centers, etc)


Goal Setting

Analysis and setting of the goals for the institution. 


Internal communication plan.
Definition of the intervention methodologies. 
Content and resources preparation. 
Identification of the change promoters.


Change promoters' training.
Intervention within the teams and systems. 
Consultation and feedback with all members involved. 
Feedback analysis and involvement of all members into the final outcomes.


Plan of action/Outcomes evaluation and follow-up. 

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