What is Nobox?

We intend to explore the human potential of the health professionals and services by delivering interdisciplinary, dynamic and tailored interventions, aiming at improving the individual, colective and institutional performances and, consequently, healthcare.

Nobox wants to contribute for the strengthning of healthcare by investing in the human potential of its professionals and services.

Interprofessionalism, health policy, new developments in medical education amongst others are the pillars around which we intend to generate change and innovation drives, particularly in the way that health professionals work and communicate together. Moreover, we beleive that ensuring constructive relations with entities of differents fields is of paramount importance for the growth and development of healthcare, reason why nobox aims at building bridges and closing gap in healthcare both in Portugal and abroad.


Why nobox?

Currently health professionals face several interpersonal and intrapersonal challenges that impact their personal and professional lives, reflecting a shift of working environments, demands and paradigms. Nonetheless, medical education and pre and post-graduation training, albeit an amazing progress that has been done so far, are still lacking a serious and transversal approach to a set of skills that are essential for these new challenges.

Such competencies are already mentioned and tackled differently worldwide by several institutions that pace the international impetus for the development of human resources for a better healthcare. In May 2016 the World Health Assembly of the World Health Organization has approved its Strategy for the year of 2030 of Human Resources for Health. Amongst many other topics, it highlights:

  1. the need to develop interprofessionalism in healthcare,
  2. focus on the patient as the core of health services, and
  3. the importance of skills such as leadership, team management, team work, communication and health advocacy.

The Lancet has also reaffirmed the need of investing in these competencies, as a way to tackle the challenges of the professionals of the new century, as well as other entities and initiatives such as the competencies listed in the CanMEDS Roles Framework of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Our mission is to positively contribute for the development of management and interpersonal competencies in healthcare. We believe in the added value of the interdisciplinarity, knowledge and intergerational experience of our team, and this is how we work not only together but as well with our partners and clients.

We believe that the creation of authentic healthcare teams will be the next step in the strenghtening of healthcare!









The team

Diogo Fernandes da Silva
Diogo Fernandes da Silva

Medical Doctor

Diogo Fernandes da Silva has recently graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto (FMUP). During the last 3 years, has focused on the representation of medical students both at national and international level, liaising with entities such as the World Health Organisation (WHO). These experiences have been essential for the development of the professional interest in non-formal education, transversal competences development, and strategic planning and management.

Isabel Azevedo
Isabel Azevedo

Consultant on Communication and Change Management

Isabel Azevedo, works as consultant on communication and change management and executive coach. She has an extensive experience on the corporate world, working with executives and teams. Her purpose and passion is to support professionals improving their performence and finding their inner potential. She is also a professor at Catolica Lisbon | Executive Education, teaching Teamwork, Leadership, Creativity. Her formal educational background is in Management and Administration (Bachelor and MBA) and is also certified in Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), NLP Coaching, Group Dynamics and Applied Neuroscience by ITS UK.

Alberto Abreu da Silva
Alberto Abreu da Silva

Medical Doctor

Alberto Abreu da Silva is a junior doctor who got his medical degree in the School of Health Sciences of the University of Minho, Portugal. For more than 5 years he has worked in several national medical students unions and belonged to the board of an international medical students platform. During this path and allied to research in the field, he has developed professional skills and knowledge related to leadership, team management, communication and project management that helped him accomplish successfuly several projects and activities. Simultaneously, it marked his initial contact with non-formal education, which contributed to build up important skills to transfer such competencies in innovative ways.

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Do you want to take part in this initiative?

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